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     Our auctions are every Monday at 6:00p.m. sharp.  SWADE is constantly improving to meet your growing needs, providing a wide range of service to support the efficient movement of seller to buyer. At SWADE you will find every make and model on the market from a small economy car to a luxury Mercedes Benz. We receive prestige and quality vehicles shipped daily so if you don’t see what you want the first time up, odds are that we’ll have it in stock the next sale. We have a huge inventory so chances are we have what you are looking for. SWADE Auto Auction Inc. is a family owned and operated auction house. As a dealer only wholesale remarketer we do not sell to the public. We do not play games with fees or play favorites with our larger dealers. Each and everyone of our dealers can expect a level playing field when they come out to buy or sell.

     With more than 20 years in business, SWADE offers our dealers an equitable and economical way to manage their inventory. We remain devoted to our founding principles of running a respectable auction house. We also remain attentive to the evolving trends in the market and meeting the needs of our customers. We don’t aspire to be the biggest only the best. While nearly every business tries to market itself being customer driven we prefer to let our customer judge us on our own merits based on their own experience in dealing with our company. This simple policy has served us well over the past two decades. While other auctions have resorted to games and gimmicks to draw crowds. SWADE remains focused on delivering exceptional value and exemplary service, that is the way we’ve always done business and we see no reason to change this.


Scranton (570) 961-3800 • (570) 562-0600 • Fax (570) 562-1344 • 11 R. South Keyser Ave. Taylor, PA 18517 • swadeauto11@aol.com

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